Monday, September 19, 2011

Tips for Newbies!

Like a kid in a new school or an adult on a new job, we can all use a little help learning the ropes! I'm going to share some tips that I learned from trial and error in the beginning of my journey. Hopefully you will find these tips helpful or at least a good read :)

  • Document your hair growth journey in pictures. It's easy to become discouraged when you look at pics of others who have been natural for years and desire to have their length. Don't discredited your hair growth! It is growing, trust me.

  • Attempting to comb through your hair without conditioner or a detangler can be a nightmare! Only comb through your hair when its wet and has a softening agent in it. Also, use your fingers. They make a great comb!

  • When trying new products, be sure to give it a chance to work. Always try new products on freshly washed hair. Piling product on top of product won't give you a true gauge of effectiveness. Use the trial product for a full week before you judge it. Sometimes it just takes time!

  • Save money by sharing products with natural friends. If you have a buddy who is also natural, product swap. You buy one and they buy another and you divide each jar in half. This way you try two products for the price of one!

  • When you're having a bad hair day, don't assume natural isn't for you. Try an updo like a puff or a frowhawk to get you through the day. A cute head band or flower clip is also a great way to draw attention AWAY from your disrespectful koils!

  • When using one of the above mentioned styles or any style that requires slight tugging on the hair, be careful not to cause too much tension around the temple or nape areas. Your sides don't need to be bone straight. That's the point of being natural right? Pulling too tight can lead to a medical condition called traction alopecia. This may cause you to lose hair around the hair line which is sometimes permanent.

Until next time....Be bold. Be beautiful. Be natural.

Peace Out,

Naturally Knight

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