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Five Unique Hairstyle Ideas for Summer

Guest post by Rowena

Five Unique Hairstyle Ideas for summer

There is nothing as exciting as summer. The season comes with the sun and the cool air that gets us out of the winter shivers. We all know that summer is about expressing ourselves, so what better way to express yourself than with fun ideas on how to wear your natural hair. Because of the summer heat and its ability to damage hair, I recommend the following protective yet trendy hairstyles.

Box Braids
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Box Braids are by far and will always be one of the most protective and trendy hairstyles ever. There is nothing that screams African roots naturally like this hairstyle.  The trend is to have the braids plaited in the medium size or the jumbo size as opposed to the small size. Box braids can last from 2 to 3 weeks depending on how you care for them and how long you want them to last. There are so many unique ways to style your braids as in the pictures below:

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Marley Twists
After the Box Braids craze, then came the Marley twist band wagon. All I can say for this hairstyle is yes, yes, yes! It is funky and also has amazing protective ability. Marley twists seem to be heavy but the trick to having them light is to hold more of your natural hair per braid or hair extension piece. There are also many ways to style your Marley Twists as shown below.

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Turban inspiration
Having a bad hair day? Run out of style ideas for your hair? Are you too lazy to put any effort into your hair? Then you need to be turban inspired this summer. All you need for this style is material for the wrap; African Material, or even a simple long cloth will get the job done. Get your ethnic groove on with this turban. Here are few inspiration ideas for you to borrow.

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The Natural Afro
Since it is summer, let your hair out and let that big or small afro of yours define your natural hair stance. During the summer you should never be worried about the drizzles that will cause mega shrinkage. Just make sure to add plenty of moisturizer to keep those natural curls or coils fresh.

It is assumed that this hairstyle tends to favor women with a more curly texture. This is true to some extent, but if you embrace your kinky hair, then you can definitely rock your 'fro. For maximum volume, use a light hold gel and curling rods or braid the hair at night depending on the texture of the curls that you desire.  After removing the curling rods or the braids, use a holding spray to keep the curls in place.  Accessorize your afro by adding flowers, ribbons or bows.
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All these beauty styles are anti-heat and can be done by the average woman with at least an inch of hair and with the little effort. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Rowena is one of the beauty and hair care writers at  Aside from that, she’s also one of the hairstyle and makeup gurus at Arreis Cheveux.  Her passion for hairstyles and make-up inspires her to share her knowledge and help women with beauty woes. Follow her tweets at @ ArreisCheveux in Twitter.

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