Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is Natural Hair a Fad or Is It Here to Stay?

Depends on whom you ask…
I get excited every time I see someone who is transitioning or has recently done the big chop! I feel like the natural community has birthed another kinky, coily bouncing natural girl. I usually try to chat with newbies when I see them out and about. I’m always curious to know how long they have been natural, what made them decide to go natural, etc, etc… I sometimes find that they have been natural for years and just prefer the short style. Either way, I love talking with my natural sistas.

I sometimes wonder as I walk away from the conversation (with newly naturals) “If I see them again in 3 years, will they still be kinky, coily, curly? Will they still be excited about their natural journey?”  I posed this question on the Naturally Happy Hair Facebook page and one of our followers brought up a valid point:

“With all the info and resources available I think more women will remain natural or become natural.” - V. Gilbert

I have to agree that education and information is paramount. Without the YouTube community, I would have been lost. I learned so much from natural vloggers. Without them, I may not have gone natural. It was watching their journey’s that inspired me!

I also think that for some being natural is a celebration of our uniqueness as African Americans. We have something that everyone else doesn’t - versatility. We can have straight hair one day and be kinky, curly and koily the next! This journey is about celebrating our uniqueness and embracing who we are.
Fads don’t have meaning. So many fad hair styles have come and gone. Shall we travel down memory lane for a moment?

Jerry Curl

Finger Waves

Flat Tops

Dookie Braids

Asymmetrical Bob

The way a style is usually born is when a celebrity does something out of the box and society emulates it. We go to our beautician with a magazine clipping of Rhianna's hair and say "I want my hair like this." Then you go to work/school and someone likes your hair and goes to their beautician and says "I want my hair like that" and the style is born.

With the natural movement it seems the tables have turned. We (society) are influencing celebrities to think outside of the box. Raven Simone, Kim Coles, Solange Knowles and many other celebrities are forgoing relaxers & weaves and opting to big chop. Gabrielle Union even recently Twitted a picture of her natural hair while at the hair salon.

This is an exciting time for naturals. I can't speak for everyone, but my natural is here to stay!

Till next time... Be bold. Be beautiful. Be natural!

Peace Out,
Naturally Knight

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