Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is That a Snake?!?

I never imagined I could move so fast.  After a restful nights sleep, I wake up to find a snake on my pillow...well so I thought.

It was just a two strand twist that slipped out over night...(wipes forehead) whew! The ironic thing is that just before waking up I dreamt that I had taken my twist down and was rocking my fro again.  In the dream it was like lost loves reunited.  I couldn't keep my hands out of it!

Was this sequence of events a sign from the hair God's above? Lol...  Should I take them down?  My hair has been growing, the twists are convenient and I paid a grip ($319) to have them installed in early January.  Let's calculate - $319/55 days = $5.80 per day.  That ain't bad... but, if I keep them in another month I definitely need to head back to the salon to have my front, sides and back re-twisted.  I was told by my stylist that re-twisting would be needed about every 4 weeks (I'm past due...shame on me!).    Decisions, decisions...

I really do miss Roxanne (my hair) ;..(


So what do YOU think?