Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome to Houston: Kim Coles Celebrates YOU!

Natural Resources Salon hosted the kick off event for the Annual Women's Empowerment Conference at their salon on Thursday, May,17th.  This year's conference, themed "Letting the Real You Shine Through", goes hand in hand with what the natural hair movement is all about. 

"Our team is incredibly excited about partnering with The 5th Annual Women's                    Empowerment Conference and the amazing Kim Coles for both the kick-off event and the conference", said Fletcher.  "At Natural Resources, we believe that natural beauty begins from within and we're honored about the opportunity to unite powerful women while promoting self-confidence." (credit: J.Griffith Publications)

After a warm welcome from Tamika Fletcher (co-owner of Natural Resources) and an overview of the Women's Empowerment Conference by founder Shantera Chatman, Kim Coles took the floor!  She was beautiful, funny and down to earth!  She spoke about the conference, her current role as co-host of "Are We Normal America" on the OWN Network and last, but certainly not least, she talked about her natural hair journey and why she decided to go natural.

The event also featured hairstyling tutorials, music by DJ Woody, catered appetizers and cocktails.  

NHH saw lots of  familiar faces at the event.  We saw some fellow NHH'ers and Natural Hair and Fashion Bloggers too!

Nappy Love Houston

Fellow NHH'er

(Left to Right)  Bloggers: This Hair of Mine, Naturally Happy Hair, Naturally Twisted Sistah, Women Are Gamechangers, HairGurl, Naturally Happy Hair

Natural Resources Salon did a wonderful job putting together a classy event to welcome Kim Coles to Houston!  Kim really seemed to enjoy Houston naturals as much as we enjoyed her!    BTW -  You can't come to Texas and leave the same way you came... 

Looks like we rubbed off on Kim - just a little bit :-)

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