Monday, November 19, 2012

NatSup Launch Party 11.17.2012

Naturally Supreme gave Houston naturalites a reason to get dolled up and head out on Saturday night!  The NatSup launch party has been a highly anticipated event throughout the Houston natural hair scene.  Their iFro tees are popping up everyone, including on the Naturally Happy Hair blog where we hosted a t-shirt giveaway.   The concept of the launch party, "Kinks and Kicks", was right up LaRhonda May's alley.  For all you sneaker heads like LaRhonda, the creator of NatSup, you would have been pleased with the sneaker selection at the Tipping Point, where the launch party was held.  Congratulations Naturally Supreme, on a successful event and a great t-shirt line!

Check out the photos from the launch party. You may see some familiar faces!  Shout out to Chimere of Mzuri's Naturals, Lisa of This Hair of Mine, Georgette of Salon De La SoulSister, Paula of Tendrils and Curls, Tiffany of Venus Fly Naps and all the other beautiful naturals who attended!

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  1. Thanks so much for coming out to celebrate with us! This was a great post and great pics. It's alway fun to be amongst great company. Can't wait until we get together again!


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