Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Answers from a Pro!

Do you have a burning question for a natural hair pro? Post your questions below (in the comments section of this blog post) for a chance to have your question asked and answered by a Guest Natural Hair Pro in the debut issue of Naturally Happy Hair Magazine. Good Luck on your entries. Be sure to pre-order your subscription to see if your question was featured!


  1. My hair tends to dry out towards the end of the day. Is there a recommended moisturizer for coarse hair that'll keep my hair feeling softer throughout the day, or maybe a conditioning routine that'll help with moisture in due time?

  2. I am having shiny hair but not more dense..i want it to little bit dense..Can u give some tips...

  3. We will submit your questions to our pro. Be sure to pick up the June issue of NHH Magazine to see if your question was featured!


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