Monday, July 14, 2014

Darrius Peace Answers Natural Hair Problems with New Video Series

Summertime is in full effect and with the heat comes an entire set of problems when trying to manage natural hair. Transitioning and seasoned naturals' frequently asked questions are discussed in a bi-weekly video series starring the comedic, yet knowledgeable advice of stylist and author of the "My Hair Ain't Nappy" series Darrius Peace.
"I want women to showcase their natural hair in the most beautiful way so other women who are considering transitioning could feel comfortable making the decision" says Peace. "I also want to diminish the stereotypes and stigmas associated with natural hair looking unkept, unruly, and unpolished." he continued. In the first episode, Peace tackles the number one question by providing tips on how to avoid hair loss and retain moisture.
Throughout the series, Peace will focus on techniques that will help all naturals feel comfortable with managing and maintaining tresses throughout the season. The videos will focus on day-to-day questions that the natural hair wearer encounters including: How to protect your scalp and avoid hair loss in summer time? How to get lasting curls? What are the top hair product needed without breaking the bank? Is there a way to determine ones own hair texture? How do I make my curls curly and big?
The series launched last Thursday, July 10th on the Love Publicity Youtube channel.  See more tips by Darrius Peace by visiting him on Myhairaintnappy.comFacebookInstagram, and Twitter

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