Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Power of Beauty

By Brooke Brunson

                            The Power of Beauty

Nowadays, it seems as if people rather buy looks,
Then educate themselves with books,
Or even acknowledge,
Their own self worth,
Leaving behind a shallow soul,
 Which makes inner beauty seem almost obsolete. 
And in so reinforces the message that,
Looks will take you far,
Questioning if your own beauty,
Looks even good enough to compete.

Girls not even young enough to vote,
Asking their parents for breast implants,
While others slip through the cracks,
And succumb to the deadly desire to be thin,
While withering away,
Like a brittle frame of bones and skin,
But what about those who hate the complexion of their skin,
So much that they rather buy over the counter creams,
Just to bleach their skin.

Hmm…oh what a wonderful world we live in,
That twists the sick standard of perfection,
Into an illusion that looks better face-to-face,
More like a plastic doll,
Than a human face,
So you rather me lay my life on the line
Just to look like the people I see today.
Is the price of beauty that high?
Are you insane?

Throughout time,
I have realized
That the power of beauty,
Can be an ugly thing.
It can either make you happy,
Or make you miserable for the rest of your days.
And even if you try,
To alter your face,
Or make yourself believe that looks will never fade,
Know that, as you get older,
Things will change.
And the looks you once praised,
Will never be the same.

A freelance writer and blogger Brooke Brunson is also a contributing writer for The Black View. She has also contributed some of her work to various magazines and blogs in New York and her hometown Philadelphia. For more info you can check her out on her blog at Also follow her on Twitter @Brookepoets

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