Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How has your mental, spiritual, and physical health been lately?

Guest post by Wolfgang Lisborg

These are three important aspects of our daily lives; especially the mental piece.  Being mentally inclined is something that is very important in today's age. With all the misconceptions, misbehavior, and constant decisions being made around us, it is significant that we become mindful of how we partake in toilsome, rigorous, and subtle situations.

Being spiritually inclined is another important asset to our overall being, especially concerning our emotions.  Whether positive or negative, whatever we meditate on will subconsciously be expressed. It's important that we don't become victim to allowing our spirits to be uneasy of indecisive. 

How does the mental and spiritual areas of your life work with your physical body?  To have a healthy body, you must incorporate the other aspects because they all lead to a cycle of growth. Deciding what to eat, how to exercise, how to manage your time to reduce stress and understanding and accepting yourself are all decisions made from your mind and spirit. When things are working in together it ultimately leads to a much healthier physical body. Always remember that external sources (other people's opinions) shouldn't define who you are...that's your responsibility. 

Be mindful and humble and all three aspects shall bring you peace.

Wolfgang Lisborg and I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark residing in Greensboro, North Carolina at the moment. He's a freelance fashion/portrait photographer, a natural hair enthusiast who is trying to become a voice for natural males, and he's a freestyle dancer.

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