Monday, August 29, 2011

Why Naturally Happy Hair? Why Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Natural?

Naturally: When we are born, God creates us as he intends us to be. "NATURALLY" kinky, coily and/or curly.

Happy: Our hair is happiest in it's natural state. Chemicals, relaxers and other additives stress the hair. By foregoing these options and remaining natural, our hair is "HAPPY" and stress free!

Hair: It's what this is all about... "HAIR".

Be Bold: To go against the norm, to rebel against the eurocentric ideology that straight hair is better hair, to accept yourself the way you were created, is a "BOLD" proclamation of self love and acceptance.

Be Beautiful: Natural hair is "BEAUTIFUL" hair! Whether it's kinky, coily, curly or sometimes stubborn, it's beautiful.

Be Natural: Just be yourself. Embrace not only your natural hair, but your quirks, your flaws, your hangups and all. Don't act, look or be like someone else. Just be "NATURAL".

Till next time...Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Natural.

Peace Out,

Naturally Knight

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