Friday, August 26, 2011

Essential Oil: Peppermint

Hey Naturals!

Before I went natural I had never even heard of an “essential oil”.  Come to find out there are quite a few out there with a multitude of benefits for your hair as well as your daily health.  Today I thought we’d take a look at peppermint oil.

The scientific name for peppermint is Mentha x piperita. Peppermint originated in Europe as a hybrid of 2 wild plants, water mint and spearmint.  Some of its many properties include:
·         analgesic (pain relieving)
·         appetite suppression
·         anti-inflammation
·         anti-parasitic (worms)
·         antiviral
·         digestive stimulant

Peppermint oil is believed to be great on the hair for:
·         Providing a cooling effect to the scalp.
·         Fighting dandruff and head lice.
·         Stimulating the hair follicle which helps in hair growth.
·         Combating hair loss as it binds the hair roots and increases blood circulation.
·         Promoting hair growth when mixed with jojoba oil and glycerin.
·         Acting as an astringent which helps in the normalization of the scalp's oil production and has a neutralizing effect on the scalp.
·         Treating dry scalp since it balances the pH.
·         Adding shine and gloss to the hair.
·         Conditioning.

Do a little research and see what you discover about this amazing oil!  Can’t hurt, right?  I would only caution that you use it sparingly since the odor can be overpowering.  True story: I once went to work smelling like a gallon of Vicks vapor rub because I used too much.  People kept asking me if I was sick lol.

Be easy!

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