Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Natural Journey Interview w/ Amanda Emmons

NHH: What is Your Name?

Amanda: Amanda Emmons

NHH: What city/state do you currently reside in?

Amanda: Houston, TX

NHH: How old are you (in “natural” years)?

Amanda: 7 years old

NHH: Did you wear a relaxer before going natural? If so, for how long?

Amanda: Yes, from age 13-28. After the pressing comb i went to the juicy jerry curl. Mine was fly...don't hate!!! LOL!

NHH: What made you decide to go au natural?

Amanda: Even as a child I was fascinated with my new growth so I think I was bound to break away from the creamy crack. I went to NY for the first time in 1997. I saw an older woman with long beautiful silver locks. It inspired me. With a relaxer my hair was dry and brittle, always breaking at a certain length and I grew discouraged and weary. It took a lot of heat and relaxer to keep my naps straight. In 2004 I decided NO MORE…and I haven’t looked back since.

NHH: What transition styles did you wear and did you eventually do the big chop?

Amanda: While permed, I wore my hair crimped and a curly afro. After the big chop I wore free style braids and kinky twists for about 6 months before I decided to wear my own hair.

NHH: What products do you use?

Amanda: Currently I’m experimenting with au natural ingredients like black soap, apple cider vinegar rinses, essential oils and such. I do enjoy Natural Resources Hair Milk as a hair dress.

NHH: Do you style your own tresses or use a natural hair salon? If salon, what is the name?

Amanda: I’m a DIYer…do it yourself. Gwen Gaston installed my locks and we have a great relationship so I go visit for a retightening and assessment from time to time.

NHH: What style are you currently rocking?

Amanda: Now I’ll plait or twist my hair, wear it pulled back in a bun for a few days then undo the plaits and where them free. I’m also enjoying the length of my hair and playing with different ways to tie it up in different styles.

NHH: What advice do you have for others who are newly natural or contemplating going natural?

Amanda: Be prepared for an awesome journey. This is another layer of “you” you’re about to reveal to the world…and yourself. IT’S FREEDOM!!!! And once you are actualized you may never turn back!... WELCOME to the sisterhood…..

Thanks, Amanda for sharing your journey with Naturally Happy Hair!

Till next time...Be bold. Be beautiful. Be natural.

Peace Out,

Naturally Knight

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