Monday, August 22, 2011

A Bad Natural Day

Man o man today was terrible.  TER-RI-BLE!  I spent most of Sunday pre-pooing, washing, detangling, and deep conditioning my hair only to wake up to a fight.  My hair hit me with an uppercut and I was down for the count.  What went wrong?  I did everything I normally do but the twists just wouldn’t give me no “act right”.  I even tried to “make it cute” like my natural homegirl Ahsiek1118 but no dice.  I fought the good fight for about 30 minutes before I realized I needed to get my tail to work.  The last time this happened, I called in.  That wasn’t an option today  so I grabbed a stretchy band and put it up in a puff.  Now mind you, when I left for work, it looked decent.  By 9:30am, it looked like the picture. 
The dang stretchy band kept rolling up my head squeezing my puff into a “piff”.  It looked a hot mess and there was nothing I could do.  So yeah, today was a baaaaad natural day.


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