Thursday, August 25, 2011

To Protect or Not to Protect...That is the Question

  • So, I have been two strand twisting nightly for almost two years now. It's part of my hair care routine and the twist out is my preferred styling option. I have been considering doing a protective style for several reasons. First, I'm tired of doing hair. Second, I need to give my hair a break. Lastly, I need a change of style.
Protective styles are important to length retention and overall health of your natural hair. Whether you wear twist outs or an afro, at some point you are adding undue stress and tension to your hair. Picking, parting, pulling and brushing will eventually cause the hair to snap and break. Protective styles allow your ends to recover and your new growth to come in stress free and healthy.

There are several things to consider when determining which protective style is best for you:
  • Length of time you plan to wear it - Comb twists and roller sets will typically last a week or two depending on the care given to them. Braids, bantu knots, corn rows and two strand twists can last much longer and give your hair more time to recuperate.

  • Your hair still needs TLC - While your hair may be on vacation from styling, you are NOT on vacation from cleansing and moisturizing. You still need to wash and condition your scalp regularly. To cleanse your scalp you can use a cotton pad, soaked with witch hazel or sea-breeze (if that still exists) and cleanse your scalp by rubbing the cotton pad along the parted areas. Follow up by moisturizing the scalp with a leave in conditioner, shea butter or olive oil. This keeps your scalp moisturized, clean and healthy. The worst thing is to come back from a protective style to find that your hair has further damage.
  • Avoid styles that are too tight - When choosing your protective style avoid styles that may require a lot of pulling, especially around the temple and the nape areas. The hair in these areas are traditionally very fine and prone to breakage. Don't be afraid to share your concerns of hair loss in these areas with your stylist.
I am still deciding which protective style I'm going to do, but I will def upload pics. Check back soon!
Till next time... Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be Natural.

Peace Out,

Naturally Knight

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