Sunday, August 21, 2011

Signs of Becoming a Product Junkie…

Since I went natural almost 2 years ago I have been using the same hair care regimen since day 1; wash with whatever shampoo is on sale, condition with the same brand, mix glycerin with water, mist my hair then two strand twist it with Cantu brand shea butter. Total investment $8. It was cheap and it worked! I refused to get sucked into the hype of all these expensive brands. My hair was thick, healthy and growing. It was all those things that the other brands promised.

Then enters YouTube! Product reviews, before and after pics, testimonials! Why, oh why, did it captivate me so? I had to try Shea Moisture, Miss Jessies, Carol’s Daughter for myself. I started using Shea Moisture about 2 months ago. I love the way the product smells and how soft and supple my hair feels. It gave me the moisturized look without the greasy feel of my glycerin with water regimen. I was in love...until.

I went to Target today and low and behold, what sat right next to Shea Moisture? None other than Miss Jessies! Her product claims to be all that AND a bag of chips. The price point is higher. “But if it’s more expensive, it’s got to be better right?”

So, after 20 minutes of blocking the isle with my basket while pondering over which product to take home, I choose (drum roll please) Miss Jessies. But why?!? I was completely satisfied with my glycerin with water routine, AND THEN completely satisfied with Shea Moisture. Why can’t I just be satisfied? BTW, my total investment in my hair today was $32!

I think I’m becoming a product junkie L

Till next time…Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Natural!

Peace Out,



  1. Hi! I didn't know where else to comment on your page for the contest so, I decided that this was a good place! I love your hair, by the way! This is for the Shea Moisture contest! Love it!!!

  2. @ Ria - Thanks for the compliment!! I will make sure to notate that you left a comment for the Shea Moisture contest. If you haven't already done so, please "like" us on Facebook and sign up to follow this blog in order to complete the steps to be entered in to the Shea Moisture giveaway. Good luck!!


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