Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Vitamin Effect

Hey Naturals!

I'm not the best eater, nor am I the poster child for physical fitness - but I DO believe in taking daily vitamins.  With my eating and exercise habits leaving a lot to be desired, I count on my vitamins to "pick up the slack."  When I decided to go natural, I decided it might be good to add a hair supplement to my regimen.  ENTER: Biotin.  As you may know, Biotin is used in a lot of hair products to counteract hair loss, improve hair strength and stimulate the rate of hair growth.  (The effects vary depending on the user's metabolism and other lifestyle factors.)

Recently I was asked to do a product review for Viviscal.  Viviscal is an all natural dietary supplement that has been clinically proven to support existing hair growth by strengthening and nourishing hair from within.  For more information, take a peek at their website

Please note that I will not be compensated for this review and the review will be my honest opinion of the product's effectiveness.  Once the product is received I will begin tracking my progress particularly in my thinning areas.  I'm excited to see how Viviscal will improve my "situation".  Stay tuned for more updates!

Be easy.



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